Projects by George Lund


Animal Utopia

Lund over the course of his professional practice has written a story of philosophical import set on the theme of 'Animal Utopia'. This is a critical analysis of the ideal conceptualised within text and near completion. From the ideas of this existence the creature and scenes have further been created with the bright and enigmatic hues of Lund's paintings.

One of the central characters to this text is the Funky and soon to be joined in a new production conceived and directed by Lund in new series of performance work.


The Time Tunnel Gallery

George Lund is currently working on the pilot of the Time Tunnel Gallery. This is a programme which brings contemporary arts and culture to the community groups in the city. Please keep a look out on this page when the Time Tunnel will commence ...



George Lund is one of the principle members of the arts collective TransVoyeur. An Anglo American Cultural Exchange Programme between Liverpool, England, and New York, US. He both and artist and Marketing and Cultural Researcher in this programme. TransVoyeur has now entered its second year and Lund continues to play an active role.

Wait to find out updates for upcoming projects and exhibitions of Lund and TransVoyeur ...